There are many benefits to working from home. A few include no commute, you can wear what you want (at least from your waist down!) and there are usually fewer distractions.

Studies are showing that most of us who work from home are more productive, less stressed, and can even save money.  And while this is all great, there are definitely some challenges that go with working some home. They can include getting less exercise, a blurred line between work and home life, feeling isolated, and digital fatigue.

Quite frankly, many of us are having have a hard time managing work from home and the work-life balance as well as we’d like to.

I’ve previously shared on this blog some tips on the myth of multi-tasking, and even on how to best transition back to the office.  In this post, I’m sharing some additional tips for you if you are managing to work from home full or part-time.

What else do you need to know to be successful working from home? Do those who work from home really have it made, or is there a downside? What are some tips for managing your time and energy when you’re not in the office with other people?

You’ll find answers to these questions along with best practices and tips for managing working from home in the following graphic courtesy of Hippo Home Insurance.

Work life balance infographic


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