Empower 2022 Women’s Mini Summit Series

Wow. Just Wow.

The Empower 2022 kicked off on January 6th and here’s what one participant (who didn’t even attend live) shared:

I am listening to the first summit session and wow she is an excellent speaker!! I am only 15 minutes in and already want my whole team to listen to this. ~ Carissa Bourdon

Empower 2022 isn’t just another training session. It’s different. Here’s what you’ll get (and why you need to join us!):

  • A safe, supportive space
  • A community of women connecting with each other
  • Captivating content – a different topic each month
  • Interactive group discussion
  • Tips, tools, and resources
  • Gratitude, laughter & fun
  • Access to a membership community, view recordings, download materials, and connect with Summit Series members and speakers.

Join Women Like You

When you attend any kind of conference or training seminar, it’s helpful to know you’re learning from other women who are just like you. They struggle with balancing work and home life too.

You will learn from women who want to become more confident communicators both personally and professionally. They want to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Speaker sessions are interactive, inspiring, and in the end, you’ll come away informed, highly motivated & compelled to take action. You’ll experience a variety of interactive exercises, small group breakouts, and discussions, as these women share their personal insights.

Inclusive and Supportive

The series is designed for women of all ages & stages in life to become confident communicators in an inclusive, supportive environment.

PLUS – when you grab your spot now, you’ll get immediate access to the Summit Membership Portal which includes the recording and materials from the January Summit “Own the Room” with Camille Rapacz and the February Summit on Delegation with Jennifer Haury.

When you register (see blue button at the bottom of this email) for the series, you’ll get:

A monthly 90-minute mini-summit with a focused speaker and topic, for 4 months. Note: The Jan and Feb Summits are already recorded and ready for you! With your registration, you get:

  • Follow-up and replay of each mini-Summit session.
  • Handouts, worksheets and resources you can immediately put to you.
  • Ongoing connection to other summit members and speakers.

Join us for the next Summit on April 7

10:00 am PT via Zoom

Topic and Speaker: Stepping into Your Power with Leah Kyaio

So Affordable!

The series cost is just $97 for the 6 sessions: 3 upcoming events and recordings of the first three. There is also a monthly option available for $30 per session.

I hope you’ll join us as we connect and learn together.


Contact Betty Lochner, Summit host and facilitator

cornerct@gmail.com | 360-951-1691

The Empower Women’s Summit Series is 6 monthly mini summits held on the first Thursday of each month. Here’s the list of dates and topics:

  • Jan 6 – How to Own the Room, Camille Rapacz (RECORDED)
  • Feb 3 – Delegation: How to Empower Yourself and Others, Jennifer Haury
  • March 3 – Using Energy Work to Heal, Beth Fitzgerald
  • April 7 – Stepping into Your Power, Leah Kyaio
  • May 5 – TBD
  • June 2 – You Are Enough: Claiming Your Place and Moving Forward

The Empower Women’s Summit series is filled with dynamic content, including expert speakers, small group conversations & opportunities to learn in a safe & supportive environment.

It’s not too late to join us!

For more details and registration information:

Empower 2022 Women’s Summit Series

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Betty Lochner is a human resources consultant, business coach, and expert in workplace communications. She is the author of two books on communication, and a newly published journal, Intentional Gratitude.