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Are you ready to learn the skills and gain the confidence you need to become a better boss?


Manager Essentials: How to Be a Better Boss

An online course that includes skill building, expert coaching, guest speakers, personalized feedback and guidance to build your skills, confidence and ability to becoming a better boss.

Next course starts March 3, 2020

Most managers begin their jobs with little to no training or mentoring. Leading a team of people with varying skills and motivations presents a myriad of challenges and issues.


Whether you are a new, aspiring, or seasoned manager, you know that managing people is one of the toughest – and most rewarding rolesthat you will ever have. 



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60% of workers leave their job because of their manager

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33% of workers say their manager doesn't know how to lead them

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51% of workers are are not engaged at work

There is a direct link between effective management skills and employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Good bosses are the key to creating a workplace where employees thrive. - SHRM Research Report 2019

The goal of this course is to support you in learning new skills and habits to help you become a more skilled and confident manager and leader - in short, a better boss!

As you implement the tools and skills you'll learn in this course, you will watch your workplace transform - into one that is more positive, effective, and efficient.

Course Instructor: Betty Lochner, M.Ed, SPHR

My passion for teaching how to be a better boss comes from my 30+ years in a career that focused primarily on manager and staff development. I loved watching new, aspiring and even seasoned managers transform into great bosses and mentors to their staff. 

As a professional coach and trainer, I have worked with employees of private corporate organizations, small businesses and government agencies. I focus on how to gain the skills and confidence to land the job you want and be the best boss you can be.

Becoming a good (or even great) boss doesn't  come naturally - it is a compilation of learned skills, continuing education and professional development, self-awareness, and courage. 

I have filled this course with all the information and skill building that I wish I would have had as a new manager and along the way during my career. 

I cannot wait to support you on your journey to become an even better boss! 



  • Newly appointed managers to set yourself up for success on day 1
  • Aspiring managers to prepare for future roles
  • Team leaders and seasoned managers to expand your knowledge
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Overview of Course Sessions

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  • A community of managers to support and challenge you
  • Guides, worksheets, tools, and resources you can download
  • Practical skills that can be applied immediately
  • Tools to perform your job with more joy and less stress
  • Training costs are tax deductible!

Manager Essentials consists of material delivered over a four-week period, a course discussion group, and weekly live Q & A via Facebook.

The spring 2020 course will begin on  March 3. 
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Your Role as Manager

  • Developing a manager mindset
  • Manager skills self-assessment
  • Setting goals
  • Communication style assessment (STARS)
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Managing Performance

  • Hiring and retaining a diverse and inclusive work group
  • Setting up a performance evaluation system
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Effective Delegation
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Effective Communication

  • The manager as a coach
  • Listen up
  • Interacting with different generations
  • Straight talk and tough conversations
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Building and Sustaining a Positive Team

  • Workplace culture assessment
  • Engaging and retaining employees
  • The Power of Appreciation
  • Leadership Lessons
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Linnea Comstock

Betty has helped me become a much better manager. She has helped me get more organized the employee evaluation process, which has transformed our workplace.

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Michael Fraidenburg

Betty teaches actionable relationship management skills along with teaching/coaching about the principles that make these skills work.

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Jeannine Roe

Betty is a gifted facilitator and motivator. She will inspire you to be a better boss!




One Time Payment

  • 4 Training Modules (Released Weekly Over a 4 Week Period). Modules Include: videos, slides, exercises, tools & worksheets
  • Course support and discussion group (Be a Better Boss private Facebook Group)
  • Twice weekly Facebook Live Q & A



One Time Payment

  • 4 Training Modules (Released Weekly Over a 4 Week Period). Modules Include: videos, slides, exercises, tools & worksheets
  • Course support and discussion group (Be a Better Boss private Facebook Group)
  • Twice weekly Facebook Live Q & A


  • Individual Coaching & Support including a 45 minute individual coaching session via Zoom ($100)
  • 3 months of continued learning in the "Accelerate Your Success" membership community ($47/month). Includes weekly training, coaching, accountability and support to continue skill building and address challenges. 
  • E-Book: 52 Communication Tips


  • Guide to Creating Meetings That Matter
  • HR Toolkit with templates and resources
Your course fee is fully refundable if requested before the end of the first Module (March 8, 2020).
Email [email protected] with any questions
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