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6 Essential Steps to Handling Conflict Well

Proven strategies that will prepare you for the next challenging situation - at work or at home. 

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • Strategies on how to address conflict in a timely manner.
  • Ideas on how to show respect and empathy in difficult situations.
  • Ways to employ active listening skills for a successful outcome.
  • Tools you can use time and time again for managing a difficult conflict like a pro!

A Note from Betty ...

Conflict is a normal part of our lives. How we handle it, can make a huge difference in our relationships. Unfortunately, most of us are conflict adverse. Our culture doesn't always model good conflict resolution skills, so we tend to either ignore conflict, or we react poorly and make the situation worse.

The 6 essential steps in this guide will help prepare you for your next challenging situation. And the best part? They can be used both at work and at home.

Don't wait any longer to learn how to handle conflict like a pro. Download the guide today!

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