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Remote working is now the new normal.

Are you surviving or thriving as a remote boss?

The Remote Boss: 

Surviving and Thriving as a Virtual Supervisor


The Remote Boss Workshop will help you navigate the world of supervising virtual staff and teams. It includes a 90 minute prerecorded workshop and a toolkit filled with supporting resources. 

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Over 75 million workers may be working from home before the COVID crisis is over. 

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Only 50% of workers hold jobs that transfer well to remote work.

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51% of workers were already not engaged at work. Remote work may make engaging employees even more difficult.

The Remote Boss Workshop is designed to help you navigate the world of supervising virtual staff and teams. It includes a 90 minute video and  a toolkit with supporting resources in each of the following areas: 

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Virtual Communication Tips

  • Setting Goals and Expectations
  • Giving Feedback
  • Active Listening in a Virtual World
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Engaging Your Team Virtually

  • Technical Tips and Tools
  • How to increase virtual engagement
  • Virtual Meeting Facilitation
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Handling Virtual Conflict

  • Dealing with discipline issues
  • Having tough conversations online
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Lynda Dennis

I supervise 30 direct reports and found this workshop engaging  and very helpful. The toolkit is filled with resources and ideas for better management of a remote work group.

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Jackie Ferrado

I loved the “time blocking” activity that Betty shared in this workshop. It has helped me be better organized and more productive. I’ve also asked my remote staff to use it as the framework for weekly touch base meetings.  

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Linnea Comstock

Betty has helped me become a much better manager. She is helping me through this time of uncertainty with on demand coaching, tools and resources. 

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Course Instructor: Betty Lochner, M.Ed, SPHR

My passion for teaching how to become a better boss comes from my 30+ years in a career that focused primarily on manager and staff development. I loved watching new, aspiring and even seasoned managers transform into great bosses and mentors to their staff. 

As a professional coach and trainer, I have worked with employees of private corporate organizations, small businesses and government agencies. I focus on how to gain the skills and confidence to land the job you want and be the best boss you can be.

Becoming a good (or even great) boss doesn't  come naturally - it is a compilation of learned skills, continuing education and professional development, self-awareness, and courage. 


The Remote Boss Workshop


One Time Payment

Includes a 90 minute video workshop and toolkit filled with additional resources.

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