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Confident Communication: A Women's Summit

"Lead from Where You Are"


October 16, 2020

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Betty Lochner, Summit Host and Facilitator

Thank you for being a part of an amazing day of learning together and supporting each other. 

This page includes most of the presentations and resources from the day. 


March 19, 2020

Spring Women's Summit

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Lead from Where You Are Presentation
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Link to Summit Replay UNEDITED (pm sessions) Use Password: Summit3!

Summit Program - (Pacific Time Zone

October 16, 2020                            


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Welcome and Opening Session | Betty Lochner “Lead from Where You Are”


Managing Stress in Difficult Times | Amy Leneker


Self-Talk Fall Reboot | Karin Peabody


15 Min Break with 60 second spots


The Power of Language: Blame, Empowerment and Equity | Leah Kyaio


Addressing Bias | Ava McGee


LUNCH with Q & A     |     60 second spots


Let’s Talk about Grief | Mary Cranston


The Magic of Storytelling | Jennifer Haury


Afternoon Stretch Break with 60 second spots and drawings


Showing Up Fully | Camille Rapacz


Closing Session | Betty Lochner & Patricia Roberts


Reception & Networking – final door prize drawings



and links to presentations and resources


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Amy Leneker

Managing Stress in Difficult Times

Are you feeling stressed at work, at home or both? If so, you’re not alone! During times of uncertainty our stress levels can rise, or even skyrocket. In this fun and informative workshop, we will explore stress – what causes it, how to recognize it and how to deal with it. You will leave with a personalized toolkit of three ways to manage stress that you can implement immediately.  

Amy Leneker is a Leadership Consultant and a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Having spent over two decades leading in the public sector, she is known for her trusted advice, her track record of delivering results and her optimistic attitude. Amy is a Certified Trainer and has designed and delivered training to thousands of people around the world. Amy holds a Masters of Public Administration and is a regular contributor to Forbes where she writes about leadership development.

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Jennifer Haury

The Magic of Storytelling

We all know how powerful stories can be—it’s how wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation.  Stories are often how we entertain ourselves, illuminate our ideas, inspire those we connect with, create shared meaning with others, and learn from each other.

Jennifer Haury is a practicing Anthropologist who has worked with hundreds of teams to learn their stories and help them shape their future through storytelling.  She is here to share stories, inspire you to create your own story, and give you some helpful tools to help you teach, lead, and inspire from wherever you are through the art and magic of storytelling.

The Magic of Storytelling Presentation
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Camille Rapacz

Showing Up Fully: How to Stop Playing Small

Sometimes we get in our own way without even realizing it. This doesn’t happen because we’re flawed or incapable. It’s because of what’s happening around us and what happened before we even showed up. Learn how women get caught up in playing small without even knowing it and how to use this awareness so you can show up fully.

Camille Rapacz is a coach and consultant who helps people break free from their mediocre work and create a professional life they love. Her main focus is on helping people turn their calling into a flourishing mission-focused business. It starts with taking yourself and your business seriously and building a strategy and a plan that you can deliver on, then combining these fundamentals with a resilient mindset to create a solid foundation for a flourishing business.

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Mary Cranston

Let's Talk About Grief

Grief comes in many forms and from many situations. Many of us have been dealing with grief and loss in our lives in ways we may not fully understand or know how to address. You will hear some  life changing advice and practices to help you overcome any grief in your life.

Mary Cranston is an award-winning speaker, author and coach with an energetic and engaging presence. She teaches practical strategies and tools to keep moving forward with overcoming challenges, and to fully embrace and harness opportunities.

Mary leads her clients to deliberately create a positive result that would not have happened otherwise. She leads with inspiration, collaboration and authenticity.

Mary holds a Master of Education degree in Counseling and has a private practice in Olympia and in Longview. She is the author of two books, A Made Up Mind and Grief Mountain. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon.

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Ava McGee

Addressing Bias

Bias is a state of mind, it can be the least obvious and the most devastating social determinant in any situation. This session is to promote awareness as a leader, outline negative effects, and provide tips to consider in countering biases.

Ava McGee, InnerWork Consulting, is a Consultant/Coach/Facilitator and Educator.

Ava works with individuals and agencies who seek to create sustainable programs, review past practices and apply an equity lens to future practices, advance in positive mindsets by applying emotional intelligence and mindfulness strategies, to take their overall vision and purpose to the next level.

Ava is also a natural in embracing her culture and sees the benefits of facilitating dialogue on racial and gender equity. 

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Karin Peabody

Self-talk Reboot

The events of 2020 have been taxing on every level, and it's easy to let go of the basics of self-management when we are stressed. What does it sound like in your head these days?  Awareness of common cognitive distortions can keep us from spinning, and anchor us to a reality that is hopeful and full of purpose.

Karin Peabody has been a communications instructor for the past twenty-five years. She specializes in empowering teams to work together more effectively and navigate the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Her approach encompasses skill-based learning and raising awareness of the social and emotional aspects of communication.

Karin is also a Certified Strengths Finder Communicator and enjoys helping people discover and maximize their potential in a team context.

Self Talk Reboot Presentation
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Patricia Roberts

Putting Ideas to Action

Patricia Roberts, who presented on the topic of “Small Steps to Big Change” at the March 2020 virtual Women’s Summit, turned the past few months of social distancing into an opportunity to follow through on one of her dreams – to write a book (which will be published in October).

Over the past 20+ years, she has helped tens of thousands of families prepare for the cost of higher education with 529 college savings plans and she is determined to help even more by continuing to share her expertise and personal journey.  She is currently Chief Operating Officer at where innovations are created for individuals to invite friends, family and employers to help save for college and pay down student loan debt.

Patricia will co-facilitate the closing session and will inspire you to identify a dream you’d like to realize before our next Women’s Summit.

 She resides in Brooklyn, NY and is the mother of a college senior named Ben who will be graduating debt-free in 2021.

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Leah Kyaio

The Power of Language: Blame, Empowerment, and Equity

Language molds our sense of who we are; helps us understand how we think, work, and play; and influences the nature of our relationships. It is how we create and reinforce our own sense of safety and belonging. It is the core of “our story” and how we tell it.

Becoming aware of our habitual ways of speaking that include unconscious use of blame, judgement, shame, and guilt allows us to consciously engage with tools that empower others and reflect equity, resilience and respect. In so doing, we become better leaders, allies, and advocates. Together we will explore the power we wield when we engage with language and discover tools to ensure what we say and how we say it is congruent with who we are and how we want to be perceived and received.

Leah R. Kyaio is CEO/Founder of With Respect, LLC where she designs and delivers tools and strategies that create and nurture equity and respect within individuals and organizations to create the environment to dismantle oppression and build resilience in youth and adults.

Leah sees clearly outside the box and facilitates others seeing the possibilities and “positivities” of being there too. Her speaking and teaching style is one that allows for self-discovery at a deeper level. All of her presentations, from 45 minutes to two-full days, allow participants to walk away with skills they can use immediately. She prides herself on her ability to meet people where they are and take them even further than they ever thought possible!

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